8 Best Crossbow Reviews 2023 (High Quality Lightweight Crossbow)

In early ages crossbows was used for security purposes but now latest weapons replaced. Now in this modern era crossbows usually used for fishing, hunting and shooting. If you are a hunting lover and wondering about best available crossbow then you’re at the right place.

In case you might be asking yourself about which crossbow you’ve to pick from the market? have a look at our guide. We will guide you through each step to purchase the best crossbow 2023 and make your hunting special.

Best Crossbow

Best Crossbows 2023

Choose a crossbow which is best suited to your budget

Selection of the right crossbow will be an easy task when budget is not an issue. If you don’t have budget issue, if you’ll go with well known brand, whatever you buy definitely have a quality standard above average. The real challenge comes when the budget is limited and, therefore, you need to find the quality crossbow that will give you the incredible hunting favors.

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Best Crossbow Reviews

Best Crossbow 2023

Before buying any Crossbow, have a look at our Best Crossbow list, we did research & test of all available products and enlisted the best available Crossbows.

Professional Hunters like it.

List of Best Value Crossbows 2023

Best Crossbows 2023RatingPrice
Ravin R500 Crossbow Package⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Barnett Predator ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ten Point Carbon Nitro RDX⭐⭐⭐⭐
Barnett Jackal Package ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Barnett Recruit Terrain ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Excalibur Matrix Grizzly ⭐⭐⭐⭐
TenPoint Wicked Ridge Warrior G3⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Center Point Tormentor Whisper ⭐⭐⭐⭐

#1  Ravin R500 Crossbow Package – Best compound crossbow

Revin 500

When it comes to the best in speed and accuracy, Ravin will never betray you. Crossbow with an impressive speed of 500 FPS having Editor’s choice award due to its durability, safe and easy to use feature. This will help you to achieve the best in terms of power, speed, and accuracy.

This crossbow have new VersaDrive cocking mechanism which allows hunter to operate this crossbow with an electronic cocking device to make crossbow hunting accessible to anyone virtually, even those who are unable to cock the crank manually.

This crossbow available with six arrows and field points, removable draw handles, quiver and crystal clear scope.


Ravin 500 has less weight that helps you to achieve the balance easily. The best part about Ravin 500 is that it comes with a five years limited warranty. If you face any issue, you can ask for support. The cast polymer used in R20 will ensure that your best-rated crossbow will work fine for many years.

Design, Speed & Accuracy

This compact crossbow is so easy to hold & wind, even letting go of the handle is stays as it is and you can crank it again. Just make sure you have a good target to stop with 500FPS. An incredible fast crossbow with a crystal clear scope having longer powerstroke and an efficient cam design, You are damn ready for big game.

Ravin 500 loved by every crossbow hunter, Its narrow profile makes it handy and enhances the forward grip for smooth shooting experience.

Safety & Easy to Use

Power and speed are the major pros of Ravin 500. This is one of the most comfortable crossbow that is simple to use and easy to carry. The snipe measures only 7.7 inches from axel to axel.

We know that the any crossbow  is useless if it weighs high and is difficult to carry. To counter that, Ravin 500 weighs only 8.4 pounds. The design of this cool crossbow allows both the left and right-hand users to use it with ease.

It has well-placed marks for fingers that allow you to know how to handle it. Even if you are using gloves for safety, you can handle this sniper with ease, comfort, and safety.

Key Specifications

Speed : 502.5 FPS
Power-Stroke : 13 inches
Bolt Weight : 403 grains
Draw Weight : 300 pounds
String Life : 200 shots or 2 years
Overall Weight : 8.4 pounds

  • Easy to move with a compact design
  • Best speed & accurate
  • Narrow profile
  • Very safe to use
  • Difficult to clip bolts with string
  • A bit higher price


#2 Barnett Predator – Fastest Crossbow

Barnet - Best for pig hunting

Barnett Predator delivers incredible speeds without striking rich for such a weapon. It is also lighter than other models and is the lightest crossbow on the market. So, you are getting the best value for the money that you spend.

Easy to Assemble

Assembling the Barnett Predator was pretty much what I expected: quick and easy. Just screw the prod to the stock and tighten the bolts, then install the included 4 x 32mm crossbow scope. It took around 10 minutes to have this beautiful crossbow ready to sight in and test out.


It’s the model that develops a speed of up to 430 fps. The draw weight of Barnett Predator is 187 pounds. Moreover, it has 156 ft-pounds kinetic energy with 187 pounds power stroke. The buttstock on the Predator is adjustable. Its pistol, a good contour that fits nicely in hands.


It covers a 5-year warranty. This warranty includes the stock, trigger mechanism, and limb assembly, but does not cover string failures or failures due to misuse.

Noise and vibrations

Barnett comes with string dampeners on the construction of the bow. It will make sure that the string will not begin to vibrate when releasing an arrow.


Velocity : 375 FPS
Power-Stroke : 15 inches
Kinetic Energy : 156 ft. pounds
Draw Weight : 187 pounds
Overall Length : 37 inches
Overall Weight : 9 pounds

  • Easy assemblage
  • Superior speeds of up to 430 fps
  • A good noise dampening system
  • It is light in weight
  • Strings tend to break quickly.


#3 Ten Point Carbon Nitro RDX – Top Rated Crossbow

Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RX - Best for Tiger hunting

This RDX is the award-winning crossbow and was the best-rated crossbow in 2016 field awards. What makes it most special for deer hunting is that it comes with the best precision. Even at long distances, this crossbow will perform the best. Let us have a look at other features of this great crossbow.

Design and Capacity

It is the premium-model reverse draw crossbow. The Carbon Nitro RDX is constructed using light in weight carbon fiber barrel, and a highly-adjustable C3 carbon stock with an astonishing 10-inch axle-to-axle width.

Speed and Performance

It is capable of putting in kinetic energy of 122 ft. Pounds with the shooting bolts at speed up to 385 fps. This crossbow can do severe damage if aimed properly. It’s amazing how much strength it’s got given its compact shape.


This crossbow is marked top inaccuracy, as it has been built for professional-level hunting. It’s highly accurate, and thanks to the fact that it makes you repeatedly fire in a fast manner. It is one of the more interesting choices you can make.

Noise and Vibration

A crossbow with high noise production is unbearable. This model not only make less noise, but it can also make long-range shots more easily.


Velocity : 385 FPS
Power-Stroke : 16.50 inches
Kinetic Energy : 122 ft. pounds
Draw Weight : 165 pounds
Overall Length : 10 inches
Overall Weight : 7.8 pounds

  • The kinetic energy of 125FP
  • Best narrowest crossbow
  • Quick assemblage
  • Easy to use and handle
  • A bit heavy


#4 Barnett Jackal Package – Best Barnett Crossbow

Barnet Jackal - Best for Beginners

Barnett crossbow best brand offers the Jackal that comes with a sleek, military-style stock with high performance at an affordable cost. It has put together a package that you can use right out of the box. Let us have a look at its best features.

Easy to Assemble

Assembling the crossbow is a relatively easy and short process even for a beginner. It shouldn’t even take more than 15 minutes. The included instructions will walk you through the simple set up steps. As an added advantage, all of the necessary bolts and screws are included with the crossbow, along with a convenient set of hex keys.


This crossbow was marked that it was built to last. Most of its parts will last you well past the 5-year warranty period for as long as you take good care of it. Always remember to wax and condition the string for optimal performance. Without such diligent care, the strings will soon start separating and not give you their full service.


The foregrip serves to secure your hold on the bow, minimizing the chances of accidental firing. The trigger system offers about 3.5pounds of resistance, being firm enough to ensure that you do not pull on it by mistake, thus allowing you to perform efficiently.

Dry-Fire Inhibitor

Most importantly, it features a dry-fire inhibitor, that will ensure your safety and of your weapon, for as long as it is in use.


Velocity : 315 FPS
Power-Stroke : 12 inches
Kinetic Energy : 95 ft. pounds
Draw Weight : 150 pounds
Overall Length : 26.5 inches
Overall Weight : 7.7 pounds

  • Affordable price with fantastic quality
  • Most durable
  • Auto-safety cocking mechanism
  • Light in weight and easy to use
  • No noise suppression
  • No rope cocking device


#5 Barnett Recruit Terrain – Top Rated Barnett Crossbow

Barnet Recruit Terrain - Best for Youth

The Barnett Recruit Terrain offers surprising performance for the price. Specific design for those who like army look-a-like weapons. Fully loaded with the latest technology from Barnett industries, the Recruit Terrain crossbow is worth a try. Recruit terrain is one of the best Barnett crossbows.

Latest Technology

The New Trigger Tech Frictionless Release Technology is one of the best improvements on this crossbow. This system makes it extremely accurate as it almost eliminates recoil from pulling the trigger.

The 3.5 pounds zero creep trigger gives you the poise to make the shot while still preventing accidental firing and will increase your hunting experience as if you were hunting with a rifle.


Barnett’s crossbow features a solid desert tan stock. Its forearm design was created to toss away some pounds to keep the crossbow as light as possible. It has a rubberized foot stirrup that features an anti-vibration system for enhanced accuracy and noise-free performance.


This crossbow is developed for youth, and the speed of the Recruit Terrain is super-fast. Thus, it does the best job. Its shooting bolt speed is 330 fps with 91.9 feet pounds of kinetic energy. You can easily take out a deer from inside 30 yards and any small to medium game inside 60 yards.


This is an entry-level crossbow yet has nothing to do from other high or mid-range price crossbows towards accuracy. The accuracy is a bit lower than other models.


Velocity : 256 FPS
Power-Stroke : 12.5 inches
Kinetic Energy : 91.9 ft. pounds
Draw Weight : 140 pounds
Overall Length : 34.25 inches
Overall Weight : 6.4 pounds

  • Compact design and performs best
  • Light in weight crossbow
  • Comes with the latest tech
  • Safe to use, and easy to carry
  • Not for large framed folks
  • Only two bolts for shooting


#6 Excalibur Matrix Grizzly 

Excalaibur Null Matrix - Best for the money

Have a craving for hunting with Excalibur’s new Matrix series crossbows? But, been discouraged by their cost! The Matrix Grizzly offers the good features crossbow, which is best Excalibur crossbow. The economical new Matrix Grizzly is the best hunting tool for you!


A well-reputed company, Excalibur, makes high-quality crossbows, and Matrix Grizzly is here for those who want the high performance of the Matrix line without the high price tag. It is designed as a light in weight, hunting crossbow that utilizes the CRT limbs found on the rest of the Matrix line.

The Mossy Oak Pattern

This pattern does a good job of helping the crossbow blend in and eventually helps in less movement of the parts to potentially fail. The frame is made from polycarbonate with a thumbhole stock makes it pleasant to handle in any situation. The lightweight further ensures security when handling.

Cocking the Matrix Grizzly

It was surprisingly easy to cock given the 200-lb. Draw weight. This is good with both the shorter power stroke and shorter length. Lifting it not as high cocking seems easier than a crossbow with a lighter draw but a longer stroke.

Noise and Vibration

A rowdy crossbow causes a bad trip, but here not to worry! Best value crossbow, The Matrix Grizzly is a fairly quiet crossbow due enlarge part to the lower draw weight of the recurve limbs. If you want to take it down a few more decibels, then REDS is here that can be easily added to the Grizzly.


Velocity : 305 FPS
Power-Stroke : 11.5 inches
Kinetic Energy : 72 ft. pounds
Draw Weight : 200 pounds
Overall Length : 33 inches
Overall Weight : 3.2 pounds

  • Easy to cock
  • Accurate
  • Ultralight
  • Scope Could be Better


#7 TenPoint Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 

TenPoint Wicked Ridge - Best Budget Crossbow

The Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Warrior G3 Crossbow Package, providing the great tenpoint crossbow, is an improved version of the warrior crossbow. Warrior G3 is a lighter, narrower, and faster crossbow which offers bigger power and improves the crossbow handling makes it best value crossbow!

Design & Features

The best TenPoint crossbow, the Warrior G3, comes in a simple design with prominent features. It scores high because they’re heads and tails above what other crossbows in this price range are.

The anti-dry fire system, the stock, the quality package, and the weapon is the real effort made by the design team. The pistol grip design helps newbie who has trouble keeping a steady trigger pull with a traditional straight stock design.


This is the strongest attribute for Wicked Ridge G3. You can buy cheaper bows out there, but not the same quality design and materials as it has. No wonder it won so many awards from Field & Stream to Outdoor Life. For the value that it provides, it earns five stars from users.

Materials & Quality

It is best for beginners because one can learn to use it without worrying about its failure. Crossbow hunt is more than just rifle hunting, and its manufacturer understands this.

The materials used for the bow are made to last and are placed in the right manner. So, you don’t have to worry about its disintegrating or falling apart like other budget brands.


The best thing in this TenPoint crossbow? Here you get what TenPoint is known for: the quality and durability. But a lot of the higher-end features are shed off, and you’re left with a usable bow with minimal spending.


Velocity : 320 FPS
Power-Stroke : 13.5 inches
Kinetic Energy : 96 ft. pounds
Draw Weight : 155 pounds
Overall Length : 37.75 inches
Overall Weight : 6.6 pounds

  • Best for Newbies
  • Comes with a quiver and three arrows
  • Awesome price range
  • Need to buy a few accessories before hunting


#8 Center Point Tormentor Whisper 

CenterPoint Tormentor - Best budget Crossbow

Center Point has targeted lower-income consumers. This has earned the brand a reputation to be the best quality crossbow. When you see the top crossbow reviews, Whisper from Center Point ranks on top. With a low price, you must not consider that it has low-quality specs. Let us have a look at all the features of this crossbow.


Whisper has accomplished a unique feat. You can get a silent crossbow with lots of features at an entry crossbow price. Some of the main features include the Whisper Silencing System, Standard auto safety, an anti-dry-fire system, Compact design, and All-weather stock with rubber grips.

The best feature is the Quad Limbs. It is also the best tactical crossbow.


Whisper has an auto-safety trigger mechanism that resets the safety, every time the bow is loaded, to the on position. It is also featuring an Anti-Dry Fire to ensure that you don’t fire by an accident when it isn’t fully cocked.


Tormentor Whisper uses machined aluminum that has a higher tolerance and fewer modifications. This enhances the lifespan of your crossbow, and it will work for longer with you.

Well Worth

Easy to assemble, easy to sight in, and deadly accurate. It’s compact and quieter than a lot of crossbows. This much all at this good cost! It’s well worth it. If you are tight on budget and still want the crossbow, then you must purchase this one from Center Point.

It has several best features and aspects that match the elite class of crossbows. The power and silence of this crossbow are unmatched as it ranks on the top.


Velocity : 380 FPS
Power-Stroke : 13.75 inches
Kinetic Energy : 120 ft. pounds
Draw Weight : 185 pounds
Overall Length : 35.5 inches
Overall Weight : 7.8 pounds

  • Easy Assembly
  • Comes with quiver
  • Good power of 185lb
  • Nearly Silent with Whisper package
  • Not the best quality scope
  • Eye relief is not the best.


Best Crossbow

Buying Guide 

Right at this point, we are up with the reviews of the best crossbow. Moreover, you have good info about what makes the best crossbow. So, let’s catch up here with the buying guide that has the details of all features that are going to matter in buying the crossbow from the market.

Your Needs

Are you purchasing the crossbow primarily for target shooting or for hunting? Various features on a crossbow lend themselves better to one market or the other. Speed, bow weight, and draw weight are not essential to target shooting but can make a big difference in a hunt.

Your  crossbow will differ significantly with your needs. We have different crossbow for hunting deer, Jackal, beginners, and other uses.

Compound vs. Recurve Crossbow

A recurve crossbow, or a traditional crossbow, has a more basic design than its compound counterpart. Its simplicity means that it is easier to maintain. They are generally lighter in weight than compounds, making it easier to carry long distances.

On the other hand, they are difficult to cock. The trigger mechanism holds the entirety of the peak weight, which significantly reduces its serving life.

Compound crossbows have a narrower frame, which makes bow much powerful and faster. Increased speed equals increased accuracy in longer shots. However, speed isn’t the only thing you should consider. Compound crossbows are typically a quieter shot than recurves.

Try both styles out If you still can’t decide which to choose. Sometimes, the way a bow feels is the most important factor.


To maximize your draw weight is the best bet for getting a faster bow. Probably the biggest concern for speed is due to the sound a crossbow makes when fired, resulting in what’s commonly called “string jump.”

Speed, however, isn’t everything. Many other factors affect the crossbow’s performance. The cam’s dynamics, coupled with the power stroke and arrow weight, are important factors determining the crossbow’s performance.

Frame and Stature

Before going to look for any other aspect, the best is to see that crossbow must be comfortable for the shooter. Fitting a crossbow to one’s stature is as important as picking out shoes for the fit of one’s feet. The first is cocking the crossbow.

Crossbow companies have created cocking mechanisms that aid in cocking a bow, helping shooters cock higher weighted limbs with ease. The longer the power stroke, the longer one’s arms must be, as this is directly associated with the cocking length.

Second, it’s important to be able to shoulder the crossbow for a sustained period. The overall weight of the crossbow should also be taken into consideration for this reason.


Crossbows are louder than compound bows for two main reasons. First, a majority of vertical compound bows shoot at least 5 grains per pound or more arrow, where crossbow has less 3 grains per pound.

Second, most crossbows are at least twice the draw weight of a vertical compound bow. All that energy creates vibration, which translates into noise.

When looking for a crossbow, look for string suppressor systems and limb vibration dampeners to help with the noise.


Warranties vary significantly in the industry but should be carefully looked at before you make your purchase. A crossbow warranted for any mechanical malfunction developed other than from misuse, or damage is vital. The barrel, riser, trigger mechanism, cams, limbs, and limb pockets should also be covered during this warranty period.

Strings, cables, accessories such as scope, quiver, bolts, and decoration should not be covered as they are subject to wear.

Many firms claim that they have a limited lifetime warranty while, in reality, they didn’t accept when you claim. Reviews on Amazon are a better way to know about the reputation of the firm. Consider a company that covers more parts in its warranty.

You will find that crossbows manufactured in Asia provide little warranty support if any. Warrantied items are likely to take a long time to arrive also since they are being shipped from another country.

Types of Crossbows

There are four types of crossbows currently available in the market for crossbow lovers. Learning about the different crossbow types will help you to choose crossbow according to your need.

Recurve Crossbows

This is the oldest version of modern crossbow transform from the recurve bow to Recurve crossbow. This is one of the most user friendly and ensures the safety.

It has a greater draw length as compare to other crossbows, with higher acceleration feature with some noise comes out while increasing the pressure. It is an ideal crossbow if you’re looking to hunt with more power and greater speed, specially for big game hunting.

The large size crossbow is the only drawback which makes you uncomfortable in wilderness situation.

Compound Crossbows

Compound crossbow is easy to use due to its shorter limbs, yet it is more complex than a recurve crossbow. They are well known for their high energy and durability because of the sturdy synthetic material usage in its construction. Furthermore these are more economical crossbows because they are available in reasonable prices.

Working Mechanism

Pulley system connected with two short limbs with strings. When you pull back the string then the pulley system turns and cable bend the limbs which puts greater energy which shooting, which makes it popular choice for professional hunters. Major cons of these crossbows are their heavy weight.

Repeating Crossbows

If you’re new in crossbow hunting then you should go for Repeating crossbow. Its easy to use feature makes it best pick for newbies, It can shoot with in a single movement. A repeating crossbow can shoot three time faster than any other crossbow. Its a great piece of equipment for those hunters who wants higher speed while shooting.

Rifle Crossbows

As the name suggests, it is the combination of the features of crossbow and rifle and it gives you an ultimate experience of hunting. The biggest strength of this crossbow is its accuracy, suitable for long-range use and can give you the pinpoint delivery.

These crossbows are compact in size which makes you more comfortable while shooting also allow you to target in limited space like dense forest. The rail design is so efficient that it launches the bolt with almost no friction with amazing velocity. But it is not recommended for beginners as it need some practice for beginners; highly recommended for professional hunters.

Best Crossbow To Hit The Mark

best crossbow infographics


Which is the best crossbow in the world?

Ravin R20 crossbow is among the great crossbow in the world. With the never-ending quest for superior speed and rifle-like accuracy, Ravin has reached a new milestone.

Can a crossbow kill you?

Crossbows were designed to kill. Not necessarily just humans but also animals. Because they were used for hunting and war, so yes, they could easily kill.

How long will a crossbow last?

The care and maintenance of your crossbow strings and bolts are a significant factor in how long it will last. The good thing is to change your crossbow string every two years, but most seem to go 4-5 years.

What are the best crossbow brands?

Ravin and  Ten Point count amongst the top most crossbow brands in the world especially amongst compound crossbows. They both  consistently providing us the top quality hunting crossbows with fine finishing have incomparable features. They offer lifetime warranty  with premium feel while targeting the hunt. Excalibur comes after these brands famous for their recurve crossbow brand in the world.


We started from the top 8 best crossbow reviews, which was followed by a complete buying guide. It had all the information that you need before buying a crossbow before use.

We love Ravin 500 & Barnett Jackal Crossbow the best. It has all the features that should be there in the crossbow for beginners. They are easy to assemble in no time with good durability and best safety measures. It comes in military-style, which beginners would love to have.

We mentioned a few so that you will decide easily. However, each of these crossbows is the best in their categories. Thus, go for the one that matches your needs. To conclude, we tried to keep things simple. At this time, if you have more questions, feel free to ask.