Killer Instinct Hero 380 Crossbow Review (380 fps)

Killer Instinct Hero 380 Crossbow Review (380 fps)

Hunting is a sport that can take you anywhere and everywhere, but finding the best gear for your next excursion might not be as easy. The new Killer Instinct Hero 380 Crossbow ensures to tick all of those boxes- even if you are picky! This versatile crossbow provides incredible stats with high speeds up to 380 fps, perfect performance in any situation thanks to its great handling at only 5.5 pounds weight (2 kg), broadhead compatibility on both sides of the bow, ambidextrous sling loops making it easier than ever before for lefties or righties alike. It’s light enough so beginners don’t have an excuse anymore while still providing deadly accuracy from 60 yards away – which will make every hunt successful and enjoyable.


Package Includes:

4×32 mm illuminated glass scope for higher precision
Rope cocking aid
Three 20-inch carbon arrows
Starter pack of rail lube
Assembly hardware and tools


Speed380 fps
Kinetic Energy118 ft-lbs
Width Axle-to-Axle19"/15.75"
Draw Weight185 lbs
Power Stroke13.5 inches
Weight5.8 lbs

Key Features

Imagine the thrill of shooting down your prey while they are miles away and not even aware that you’ve already spotted them. The new Killer Instinct Hero 380 is packed with features specifically designed for all-day hunting in any environment, including a wide field of view perfect for spotting game at extreme distances, as well as crossbow grips to absorb moisture during long hours on wet days or gripping bowstring from slippery fingers when it rains. Not only does Bone Yard Legends Camo print completely protect this weapon against being seen by other animals (and humans), but also makes sure no one can spot you!

The killer instinct hero 380 has some unique qualities which make it much better than other models at its price point such as increased accuracy (adjustable 13 inch power stroke), user friendly controls, no vibration after release.

  • Shoots bolts at up to 380 fps
  • Incredible accuracy at all distances
  • Best quality-price ratios for crossbows
  • Lightweight of around 5.8 pounds
  • Low Price with no compromise on quality
  • The 3.5-pound trigger is not the brand’s best option as many customers would have preferred a lighter one, such as the 2-pound one installed on the SWAT 405.

Buying Guide

Build Quality – Durability

The Hero 380 is a powerful and accurate crossbow that can stand up to any condition. One great feature of the product is its waterproof coating, which ensures accuracy in bad weather conditions like rain or snow. The case also helps protect other components from damage when you drop your device on accident – so there’s no need to worry about damaging it! This makes for an all-purpose hunting tool whether you are shooting at targets near home or deep within Canada’s wild spaces.

The Hero 380 is the perfect crossbow for taking on your next hunting trip. It’s light enough to carry and compact enough to maneuver in tight spaces, without sacrificing velocity or shooting accuracy.

One thing that you will notice about the Hero 380 is its cocked width of 15.75 inches which means it’s small and flexible enough so you can use it even if there are restrictions due space constraints while still maintaining accurate shots with an increased velocity as well because of a lightweight design!


The Bone Yard Legends camouflage print is so realistic and hard to spot, you can hide in the open. The 3.5-pound trigger means it passes all safety and design tests while delivering an overall smooth performance that feels comfortable for any shooter of any size or skill level.

Speed and Performance

The 380 fps crossbow is a weapon that you could buy for under $300. With the speed and accuracy, it’s one of the best buys on any market! It can shoot bolts out at up to 60 yards with a 1-inch area within 10 feet in front of your target. For those who want faster shots over greater distances than ever before, this is what they’ve been waiting for – get yours today.


The Hero 380 is a bow that offers features for any hunter. The accuracy, portability and speed make this the perfect choice whether you’re shooting 20 feet away or over 100 ft from your target. You can shoot three arrows in just as much time has it takes to fire one arrow with typical bows! It isn’t hard on your shoulders either because of its clever design which helps reduce draw weight by more than 50%.


As a matter of fact, the safety mechanism on this crossbow ensures that if it is not cocked and you are unfamiliar with how to operate one or make an error in pulling back the string before firing a shot. The safety will prevent any accidents from happening by parting ways with your projectile prematurely out into thin air.

This Killer Instinct Crossbows product is packed full of great features such as its high-quality construction for those who like their equipment durable enough to last through rigorous outdoor use without breaking down under pressure at all costs!

Noise and Vibration

The custom rubber shock absorbers that are delivered with your new crossbow not only reduce vibration and noise for increased performance, they also ensure you can fire at any distance without scaring away nearby prey.

Ease Of Use and Assembly

The Killer Instinct Hero 380 Crossbow is a compact, affordable and lightweight option that’s also fairly easy to assemble.

Killer Instinct Hero 380 Review Summary

The Killer Instinct Hero Crossbow is one of the most powerful and accurate models on the market. With a total shooting speed at 380 fps, it’s perfect for hunting any game size with ease. It weighs less than 5 pounds so you can carry it around all day without getting tired or sore from constant carrying – plus its camouflage design makes spotting this crossbow difficult during hunting!

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