The Best Compound Bows for the Money

The compound bow is the most popular type of weapon in today’s hunting world. But if you ask many people, they’ll tell ya that unless it costs at least a thousand bucks your rig isn’t worth shooting! That couldn’t be further from the truth though – there are plenty of high quality bows out there for half as much money !! Check them all here so find which one fits best with YOUR budget before anyone else does.

How much does a good compound bow cost?

You may be surprised to find out that there are actually a variety of great hunting bows for between $400 and $800. These budget-priced term have been misleading because it gives the impression of low quality bows while you’re getting an affordable bow with better features than some more expensive options out there in market. They have positive reviews from buyers or professional hunters who shared their great experience. However when you look at what this product has going on by way or feature it makes perfect sense why they’re labeled best compound bow under 400 dollars!

Affordable Bows vs. Flagship Bows

You’ve shot every brand of bow on the market from cheap to high-end. That’s why you’re here, right? You know that expensive models typically have more tech and features but what about when it comes down to how a compound performs for average hunting enthusiasts who are looking in their budget range between 400 – 800 dollars. Well my friend there is where things get interesting because not only does this mid priced archer receive all speed & power required by an avid hunter; they also don’t skimp out quality which means better performance over time with less risk!


Best Compound Bow for the Money

Hoyt Torrex & Torrex XT

Hoyt is known for releasing new model bows each year that are better than the last. This includes their Torrex compound bow, which was introduced this spring to replace their Powermax line of models- two great bows at affordable prices with speed ratings ranging from 327 fps up top and 336fps on a shorter version if you’re looking for something longer in length but not as fast paced!

Hoyt’s new, and much improved X-Act grip ensures that you stay on target with your arrow shaft while using the Hoyt Hold Fast Trigger.

Quest Centec

The Quest 32″ Centec is a high-performance compound bow that allows shooters to adjust draw length in ½ inch increments between 25.5 and 31 inches, with peak weight ranging from 55 lbs all the way up till 70 pounds; there’s also an easy15 pound drop off if you wish for even less kinetic energy when shooting your arrow!
The Prime umbrella covers this model making it equipped full of dependable features such as accurate performance due to their proven engineering skills which can be seen at work designing every quest model.

The cam system is perfect for those frosty mornings and times when severe buck fever hits. The grip on this bow can be found directly to the riser, making it easy-to-draw with no need or assistance from another person – which will come in clutch during hunting season! At 6’7″ brace height (and trust me; you’ll want that extra inch), there’s really nothing more satisfying than taking down your prey right before their eyes…
The Cam System ensures smooth drawing by engaging piston weights so draw cycle feels great whether pulling 40 pounds all day long like I do at work.

Bowtech Carbon Zion

The latest bow from Bowtech, Carbon Zion is one of the best compound bows for beginners and experts alike. It’s light enough to make shooting easy while still having great performance! The Powershift disc determines how you want your shot-to feel with either Performance Mode which offers more distance or comfort setting perfect if what we’re after isn’t too far away but rather close up shots in tight spaces like treestands or ground blinds.

The new Carbon Zion from Bowtech is a lightweight, powerful compound bow that shoots like dream. It’s feather-light when compared to other bows in its class and has the easy to tune Binary Cam system with Powershift disc for those who prefer Performance settings or Comfortable mode which offers more forgiveness along with it being quieter than most of our competitors’ louder offerings out there today! The 31″ axle -to-axle length makes it great as treestand equipment as well ground blinds spots around cover where spot & stalk hunting take place. The Carbon Zion is fitted with a 6.25-inch brace height and comes in draw length range options: 25.5″ to 30″.

Bowtech Amplify

If you’re looking for a great beginner’s bow, look no further than the Amplify. It has plenty of performance with speeds up to 335 fps and 62 pounds draw weight! With 9″ Draw Length Range, this isn’t just any other “grow-with me” type of weapon; it will keep your target in sight from start to end while still being able increase its accuracy over time thanks also an included accessory package that includes everything except arrows so there are less things left out on their own without purpose or use at hand when practice begins but is not necessary before shooting live targets
A quiet release system helps decrease noise pollution by reducing vibration as well


The Drive NXT is a budget-friendly bow that packs some serious performance. With features like the new machined aluminum riser, aluminum limb pockets and ZF Quad Track Cam System this little gem can shoot arrows at 330 fps without sacrificing durability or stability thanks to it’s 7 inch brace height – making for great accuracy in any situation! The compound has enough power as well (fighting weight 4 3/4 pounds) so you won’t have trouble taking down game from long distances whether hunting small Deer up close with Spotting ScopePredatorsNexus .


PSE Stinger Max rewrite

The PSE Stinger Max is a bow that’s perfect for hunting treestand and groundblinds. Fitted with an SS cam, this 30-inch model has shorter limbs than the original but still gives you enough power at speeds up to 312 fps! With weights ranging from 55 lbs all the way down to 70 pounds ( Adjustable by 15 turns), there won’t be another bow needed after purchasing yours because it just does everything so well Hitting 7 inches off your braced height – which can go as high as 9” depending on draw length –this 3 pound weight will have anything within range
Achieving top speed in some cases over 400 feet per second

If your hunt includes treestand or ground blinds, the Stinger Max is a tried and true classic that will get you into game quickly. Offered in peak draw weights from 55-70 pounds with an adjustable range down to 21 ½ inches; this 3.8 pound bow features speed of 312 fps – making it perfect for any weather condition!


Bear Archery Inception RTH

The Ready To Hunt (RTH) package, Bear’s all-new Inception is available in peak draw weights of 45-60 pounds and 55 to 70 pounds. This rig hits a blazing 340 fps with little sacrifice on smoothness or quietness! Fitted with their Hybrid Cam System for easy drawing cycles as well as attached ShockWaves that dampen noise & vibration this 4.3 pound bow has it all plus more options you’re sure not want miss out on when buying one:

Bear Archery Whitetail Legend

The Bear’s Legend Series Whitetail 31-inch axle-to-axle hits a top speed of 320 fps. It has draw length adjustment between 23 and 30 inches, 6.75 inch brace height with super solid back wall construction not usually seen in single cam bows which are tribute to the 70s era bear huntress namesake; ready for your next adventure hunting trip into nature’s wild! The wight 4 pounds yet comes equipped with higher end Trophy Ridge accessories giving it all necessary features needed from lightweight credibility up until perfection downrange
The output tone should be Professional.

Mission Archery Switch

Mathews Archery has been known for their high-end bow designs. They just released the Switch, which is said to be one of Mathew’s most versatile compound bows available at an affordable price point – $400! With a 31″ axel span and adjustable draw weights from 18 inches up 30″, this cam system inspired by Crosscentric Cams ensures maximum performance in any situation with its Fast Fit Technology that keeps it shooting straight out your hands no matter what length you choose or weight amount required (305 fps max).

Elite Ember

The story behind Elite’s popular Ember is one bow for the rest of your days. With variable draw weights that run from 10 to 60 pounds, it seems as though this product is living up its promise with a 31 ¼-inch axle-to -axle compound and 15 inch maximum length settings available on both ends (though not inbetween). Branded with fps rating 310 wearing their proprietary cam design which was specifically engineered cause even lower poundage shots have defined back wall when set at higher weight releases; This split limbed riser caged risers come equipped by two things: Vibex dampening blocks made especially for elitism’s new line

Mathews Tactic

The Tactic is a budget-friendly bow that won’t let you down. It has an unusual design with the AVS DYAD cam and draw length adjustment, but it still shoots smoothly at speeds up to 335 fps! With weights ranging from 50 pounds for beginners all the way through 70+ pounds of power in your hands this Mathews will provide excellent accuracy every time while staying stable thanks to its 7″ brace height – so no more worries about shooting low because there’s nothing below than makes this rig shoot high (literally).


Q: What brand of bow is best?

There’s no “best” bow brand. All top end makers have made some great bows over the years, and companies like Mathews or BowTech can compete with those who are more expensive for sure. Even though they may not be on your list of preferred brands (or at least haven’t been lately), it’s worth checking out how well these budget-friendly models perform in comparison to their high dollar counterparts when you’re looking into future purchases.

Q: What is a good bow for beginners?

The Elite Ember is a great choice for young, new archers because it can be adjusted to fit any size. As they grow and want more power with their shots, you simply adjust the weights on this bow until your perfect draw length has been found! For adult beginning shooters who are just starting out in hunting or sport shooting- go for one of our package deals so there’s less confusing options available when shopping around later down the line if buying individual pieces becomes necessary (though most people don’t need anything else).

Final Thoughts

The best compound bows for the money all benefit from leaps in bow engineering we’ve seen over the last decade. You simply cannot buy a bad one these days! The key is going to be finding your personal preference and way of doing so, which you can do by trying out different models or even at an archery shop on location if possible – shoot as many bows until one feels right then keep it because this will make up what type really speaks most about yourself
The input states: “You are only limited by how much time you want spend researching.” However when looking into buying anything like.


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